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Vacation Rental Pet Peeve Week

By William May
Published: 10/08/14 Topics: Comments: 0

Who knew? This week is Pet Peeve week and that provides us license to admit that everyone in the Vacation Rental industry has a few - pet peeves.

In fact, if you mill around at an industry conference, read vacation rental blogs, chat with competitors, or belly ache with your co-workers, you have certainly heard plenty of gripes about Guests, Property Owners, and even those giant vacation rental listing websites.

Here are the top 10 Vacation Rental Pet Peeves:

10. Early Arrivals - Guests who show up while the cleaners are still in the house, then want to walk around, use the bathrooms, and generally make a mess.

9. Giant Portals - Those who want to control "Their Guests" until there is a guest or manager problem, and then they proclaim to only be a "listing service". Can you spell hypocrite?

8. No Tippers - Stingy guest's who leave the place is filthy, and of course are the ones who do not tip.

7. Nosey Neighbors - Who stand on their porches ogling all the guests, then call if the "children are making too much noise in the pool" (and at noon, no less.)

6. Missing Bookings - Customers who call in to discuss their booking when they don't have one. Then after arguing vociferously, realize they booked some place else.

5. Undisclosed - After registering 6 guests, those people who bring 16. When caught they say "Well they're only going to be here for a few days. Or, "I didn't really invite them all, they just showed up."

4. Taxes - Rent-By-Owners who don’t pay lodging taxes, screwing up the industry for all of us who do.

3. Scofflaws - Portals who don't cause advertisers to pay lodging taxes.

2. Cities & Counties - Who want to prohibit or regulate vacation rentals out of business, "To protect our communities" even when there has never been a legitimate complaint.

1. The number one Vacation Rental pet peeve is: people who tell you about their pet peeves!

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Send us your vacation rental pet peeves and we'll publish them here.

Author: William May, Plumbob Publishing
Blog #: 0372 – 10/08/14

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