Q: How is the Association Organized?

A: WAVRMA, has carefully crafted its by-laws to eliminate the opportunity for elitists or cartels to grab hold and dictate how others can participate. There are some 150 vacation rental companies in the state making it still a small industry, but one that benefits from self-training and access to best practices and new ideas.

Q: If membership is free, how do you pay expenses?

A: We don't have many. Some members donate and everyone buys their own lunch, which has never exceeded $20 for a darn good sandwich, cookies, coffee, etc.

Q: Is WAVRMA affiliated with the Vacation Rental Association?

A: They are independent not-for-profit organizations. Some members helped start the VRA association in 2002 and WAVRMA members get a free membership in that group. In an industry made up of relatively small companies working together is the only way to grow.

Q: Tell me about the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service?

A: Started by our affiliated Vacation Rental Association (www.VRA.org) members in the state group can use the world's first multiple Listing service for vacation rentals to more easily advertise on multiple websites.

Many websites are free and some work on the honor system, charging a commission only if the member gets bookings from such website.

Q: WAVRMA has completely a free property listing website for its members properties at WAVRMA.com(not .org).

A: WAVRMA has completely a free property listing website for its members properties at WAVRMA.com(not .org).

Q: We have heard some manager want to exclude others?

A: Not in our group. While others seek to exclude members by using anti-competitive behavior, unnecessary dues and expensive travel costs, WAVRMA does the opposite. Eliminating clicks and keeping costs low encourages participation by all managers.

Q: What are the topics Association members discuss?

A: With email, websites and phone it is easy to collaborate and get feedback from all members on when and where to meet, what to discuss and study, and which initiatives to consider - such as those to fight regulatory prohibitions or ways to pursue industry wide advertising

Q: What is the purpose of the WAVRMA .com website?

A: As giant websites take over the market demanding heavy fees, our Association can provide additional marketing to members. A place where guests can find state rentals. Its free for members.

Q: Who can join WAVRMA?

A: The Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association has thrown open its doors for new members and directors says William May, the founder of the group. Membership is free, discussion is free-flowing and every member is encouraged and welcome to participate as they see fit.
About Membership

Q: Who runs WAVRMA?

A: No one, and everyone. We are completely volunteer run with everyone getting an equal voter. Any member can help with any duty or topic they choose. (Hey, its not that big an industry to allow for despots.)

Q: Why your Association when there are so many others?

A: WAVRMA was the first and only Washington State Association and continues as the only open-membership group. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can be a leader. That is the only way for true cooperation.

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