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Location, Location ... And a Hot Tub

(News Item #0005, Published: 07/29/06, Author: , Tacoma News Tribune) – Read more

The Vacation Home Store

(News Item #0012, Published: 07/01/06, Author: William Victor May, Costco Connection Magazine) – Read more

The Pros and Cons of Renting Through eBay

(News Item #0015, Published: 04/24/06, Author: Joyce Hadley Copeland, – Read more

Vacation Properties Come With Extra Expenses

(News Item #0105, Published: 04/14/06, Author: , – Read more

Keeping Vacation Rentals Out of the Deep Freeze

(News Item #0106, Published: 02/23/06, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

The BBB - Its Not What You Think

(News Item #0143, Published: 12/01/05, Author: Do Not Edit Do Not Edit, To Be Reused) – BBB is not run by government, doesn't investigate complaints and doesn't allow anyone to file a complaint against the BBB for being fraudulent. This is just a money raising scheme. Read more

Vacation Rental Investment 'Type' Crucial As Location

(News Item #0107, Published: 10/11/05, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Vacation Rental Management Business Surging

(News Item #0108, Published: 07/19/05, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Property Managers Akin To Stock Market Brokers

(News Item #0109, Published: 07/15/05, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Milking Second Home Investments

(News Item #0110, Published: 03/04/05, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Top 5 Travel Scams

(News Item #0087, Published: 03/04/05, Author: William Victor May, ) – Read more

Vacation Home Rental-By-Owner Tips

(News Item #0111, Published: 07/27/04, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Vacation Rentals by owner - Caveat Emptor

(News Item #0184, Published: 07/01/04, Author: Aaron Larson, – Many people who rent vacation properties directly from the owner have the best vacations of their lives. Others are left with horror stories. How to protect yourself. Read more

Author Campaigns for Relief from "Vacation Deficit Disorder"

(News Item #0114, Published: 04/14/04, Author: , – Read more

Coralville couple become landlords of Florida home

(News Item #0191, Published: 12/28/03, Author: Shirley Ruedy, Cedar City Iowa – Frequent Orland Florida Visitors Tedand Yvonne Wernimont have purchased a vacation rental home with an eye toward retirement income. Read more

Investing in a Vacation Home isn’t Without Risk

(News Item #0192, Published: 12/28/03, Author: Shirley Ruedy, Cedar City Iowa – Real estate and financial experts say it takes a savvy homeowner to make a vacation home work as an investment. William May, director of the Vacation Rental Industry Association agrees. Read more

America Needs a Vacation

(News Item #0095, Published: 08/24/03, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – Read more

Homeowner associations: Devils or angels?

(News Item #0062, Published: 07/01/03, Author: Paul Bannister, – Read more

No Internet, No Fun: 49% Of Americans Say No WiFi Would Ruin Their Vacation

(News Item #0411, Published: , Author: , ) – It’s hard to imagine in the context of 2019, but just a couple of decades ago people used to travel without the use of the internet. Read more

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