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Are travel agents making a comeback?

(News Item #0169, Published: 08/12/09, Author: Stephenie Chen, – Online travel sites flooded with overwhelming options, all claiming the best deals. But some travelers find themselves defecting to brick and mortar travel agents for the extra help and service. Read more

Bed Bugs: After 60 Years, They're Baaaack!

(News Item #0175, Published: 07/15/09, Author: Alfred Glossbrenner, – Virtually eliminated after World War II, the banning of the pesticide DDT in 1972 has resulted in the slow rebuilding of Bed Bug pest problem. Infestations have grown fast in the past five years. Read more

National Geographic Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Video

(News Item #0176, Published: 07/15/09, Author: , – They disappeared after World War II but after the pesticides DDT was banned in 1072, they've made a come back. infestations have soared in past 5years. National Geo shows them at work. Yuck. Read more

VRA Director Says Book Last Minute, but You Won't Be Beached

(News Item #0160, Published: 07/10/09, Author: Andrea Sachs, – According to William May, Director of the Vacation Rental Industry Association (, booking last minute won't leave you beached. Check out Cape Map. Read more

Wenatchee, WA May Regulate Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0151, Published: 05/01/09, Author: , Wenatchee World Newspaper) – Read more

First Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service Announced

(News Item #0145, Published: 03/29/09, Author: William Victor May, – World's first Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has been created by the Vacation Rental Industry Association. is a true Open-Submission and Open-Distribution Service. Read more

You're Not Alone: VR Bookings down 25-30% since October

(News Item #0138, Published: 11/26/08, Author: Bill Furlong, – Read more

Vacation rental Web startup reaps $250M investment

(News Item #0137, Published: 11/11/08, Author: , – Read more

Skirting the Pitfalls of Private Rentals (Practical Traveler)

(News Item #0131, Published: 10/05/08, Author: Michelle Higgins, New York Times) – Read more

Making the most of hotel alternatives

(News Item #0133, Published: 09/25/08, Author: , – Read more

New Apocalyptic Sign: family "staycations"

(News Item #0125, Published: 08/07/08, Author: Ron Judd, Seattle Times Newspaper) – Read more

Fractional Condo Ownership Comes to Pacific Beach

(News Item #0128, Published: 06/20/08, Author: Brooke Beare, – Read more

Calaveras approves short-term vacation rentals

(News Item #0112, Published: 06/11/08, Author: Dana M. Nichols, – Read more

HomeAway Continues Global Expansion With Acquisition of Leading Vacation Rental Web Site in France

(News Item #0123, Published: 06/08/08, Author: Do Not Edit Do Not Edit, – Read more

Rent a Vacation Home and Save

(News Item #0115, Published: 05/25/08, Author: , NA) – Read more

Skip the Hotel, Rent a House

(News Item #0113, Published: 05/23/08, Author: , NA) – Read more

The Truth About the BBB

(News Item #0142, Published: 05/23/08, Author: Frank Rumbauskas, To Be Reused) – Read more

Ragatz Fractional Conference Notes

(News Item #0092, Published: 05/07/08, Author: Bob Waun, – Read more

Poipu Kai Board Breaks the Law

(News Item #0086, Published: 05/03/08, Author: William Victor May, – Read more

Study calculates the economic effects of Osceola's vacation-home rentals

(News Item #0077, Published: 03/21/08, Author: Sara K. Clarke, Orlando Sentinel) – Read more

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