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Talks Breakdown on Vacation Rental Switch

(News Item #0239, Published: 06/30/11, Author: Thelma Coffone, – Efforts to establish a website with on-line booking capabilities by the Vacation Rental Manager's Assn. have fallen apart. Read more

Elk Meadow Chalet joins Crystal Mountain Sunspots

(News Item #0236, Published: 06/23/11, Author: Jan Covey, – Named after the magnificent Roosevelt Elk that frequently graze the area, Elk Meadow Chalet is the newest Vacation Rental home in the area. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and sleeping for up to 12 guests. Read more

Jim Haring, Chicago Vacation Rental Advocate Passes

(News Item #0235, Published: 04/11/11, Author: , – Born in New York, long time resident of Chicago, operator of China Doll Vacation Rentals with his wife Yanan, passed away April 8th, 2011 Read more

Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Words Will Hurt You More

(News Item #0234, Published: 02/09/11, Author: Michael A. Wukmer, National Law Review) – On the Internet, consuemrs can be critics without actula support, repercussions or responsibility. This article examines that situation. Read more

Seabrook developer building community, not just homes

(News Item #0228, Published: 09/19/10, Author: Beth Potter, Seattle Times Newspaper) – Developer Casey Roloff likes to say that he's building a sense of "community" one house at a time. His 6-year-old beach town on a bluff overlooking the ocean is designed to make folks feel at home. Read more

Family vacation time on Washington's Cranberry Coast

(News Item #0214, Published: 06/17/10, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – On a good day, Westport is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle and represents the quiet route to the Coast for much of Puget Sound. Read more

9 Tips for Finding a Reliable Vacation Rental

(News Item #0213, Published: 06/03/10, Author: , – A rental home can save you a lot of money when you're on vacation. Here are the 9 things to know about finding a reliable vacation rental. Read more

VRA Director - How to hunt a Midwest vacation rental

(News Item #0205, Published: 04/18/10, Author: Kate Silver, – While vacation rentals are no new thing, but now the industry is growing due to the Internet and other factors according to VRIA President. Read more

VRA Umbria Chapter Recuits Throughout Italy

(News Item #0199, Published: 04/15/10, Author: , – VRIA Italian Chapter Directory recruits leaders for other provinces. Read more

Second Porch Inc. Closes Series-A Funding To Expand Growing Social Vacation Home Marketplace

(News Item #0198, Published: 03/17/10, Author: Brent Hieggelke, – Startup to harness social networking and vacation home rentalsl. Second Porch announced that it has closed a one million dollar Series-A investment, led by the Oregon Angel Fund. Read more

VRA Opens First Chapter in Italy

(News Item #0200, Published: 03/15/10, Author: , – The Vacation Rental Industry Association (VRIA) has announced the formation of its first Chapter in Italy, in the province of Umbria. Headed up by Giuseppe Nuzzaci. Read more

Real Estate's Lion King

(News Item #0197, Published: 01/15/10, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – In 1993 "Lions Over the Hill" speech Realtors Board of Directors were urged to combine MLS services to stave off large software companies who would come to steal their valuable proprietary data. Read more

VRA Announces Vacation Rental Angels Program

(News Item #0193, Published: 12/25/09, Author: , – Christmas Day, the Vacation Rental Industry Association announced the creation of the Vacation Rental Angel Program to recognize members who regularly donate vacation home use to charitable causes. Read more

Home Rentals at Olympics Make Charity A Winner

(News Item #0196, Published: 12/22/09, Author: Jack Broom, Seattle Times Newspaper) – offers 170 rental homes for the Vancouver BC Olympics with proceeds going to Charity. Read more

The Legality of Letting Holiday Homes in Australia

(News Item #0183, Published: 11/28/09, Author: Trevor Atherton, ) – Vacation Rentals are known as Holiday Homes in Australia, but they face the same regulatory pressures and threat of prohbitions. Trevor Atherton a lawyer and travel consultant spells out the issues. Read more

Eight Rungs of the Giving Ladder

(News Item #0188, Published: 11/26/09, Author: William Victor May, – Durring the Middle Ages a Jewish Rabbi created the Eight Rungs of Giving Ladder. It judges the motives, methods and sincerity of the giver. How do you rate? Read more

Student's killing puts spotlight on illegal 'vacation rentals'

(News Item #0185, Published: 11/15/09, Author: , – Unsold home becomes vacation rental that allows college age kids to rent it for parties and problems. Read more

Travellers could be sued for hotel rants

(News Item #0181, Published: 10/12/09, Author: Do Not Edit Do Not Edit, – In Australia large companies find it difficult to sue for defamation, but employees of those companies and smaller firms can sue travellers for harsh reviews. Read more

Amtrak Empire Builder Service to Leavenworth, WA, to Begin September 25, 2009

(News Item #0180, Published: 09/17/09, Author: , ) – Community Celebrates the Restoration of Rail Passenger Service with Opening of Icicle Station Read more

Friendliest Pet Video Contest Announced by

(News Item #0171, Published: 08/27/09, Author: William Victor May, – Now your wacky, weird or just plain wonderful pet video can star on Read more

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