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Seven Staff Styles - Understanding Your Employees

By Ana M. Kinkaid
Published: 07/23/07 Topics: Comments: 0

There's no way around the fact that the vacation rental business means working with people each and every day. And each and every person you will deal with has their own unique work personality. So whether you're interacting with your staff or a new vendor, you can make your workday easier by understanding how best to work with each work style.

Take a moment then, look at these seven common work personalities and consider how you can best work with them. It will be worth your time and increase not only profitability but also your peace of mind.

This individual is results oriented and a leader. They can also be a loner, bossy and often not very tactful. This staff person needs to be allowed to take the initiative in dealing with projects and problems.

They handle delegation well if you do not micro management them. Vendors who interact with you using this style, often like to be valued and commended for their ability to solve problems and obtain results.

This staff member is a free-spirited and easy going individual who tends to be disorganized and a bit impulsive. Structure of any kind, whether it involves paperwork, deadlines, or details, is very uncomfortable for them.

The drifter works best when given only short projects or tasks to work on. This individual enjoys projects that offer lots of variety including who, what, where and when they will work. Staff or vendors of this type want to be valued and praised for their creativity and originality as well as their ability to think and create outside the traditionally business procedures.

This type of worker can demoralize your entire staff by being angry, hostile, cynical and grouchy. They do not hesitate to criticize other staff in public or to demean their efforts.

Although often difficult to work with, this staff member or vendor is valuable for their ability to handle unpopular or hostile situations. They can best be helped by assigning them only the tasks they will be good at. Restricting their access to other staff members will limit their negative staff impact.

This personality style is thoughtful, pleasant and helpful. They tend to view their fellow workers as extended members of their family and often need to do extensive socializing during the workday.

They most commonly cannot say no to any request and often take on too many tasks. Pleasers can be easily motivated by simply telling them that their activities make you happy.

This popular employee or vendor is charming, outgoing and entertaining. They are often the first to volunteer for a project and often the last to finish it because they hate to give up the stage.

They do not like to deal with negative outcomes and are very career focused often without regard for others. This individual reacts very positively to recognition and incentives. They enjoy high-profile tasks and assignments.

This staff member or vendor is quiet and somewhat reserved. They tend to like a warm, nest-like environment that limits change and growth. They do not like to take responsibility or deal with accountability.

The avoider will value maintaining the status quo above everything else. This individual works best when surrounded by a sense of safety. They loved written directions, guidelines, procedures and rules.

This person can appear to be cautious, precise and very detail orientated. Often they take large amounts of time to complete a project. This is because they feel most comfortable when they are working with the largest body of information possible.

This can create a situation where others can view them as procrastinators. They tend to evaluate the ideas of others, making themselves also appear negative. This individual works best when they are freed from restrictive timelines and a respect for data and analysis is shown.

Keeping these work personalities in mind as you interact with staff, will make your vacation rental business run more smoothly and more successfully. Understanding how to work with people is one your most valuable business skills. Give it a try and have a great…and insightful day!


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