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Use Your Vacation Property to Barter for Goods and Services

By Christopher S. Cain
Published: 01/17/05 Topics: Comments: 0

Bartering began more than 10,000 years ago and precedes monetary systems and currency. This concept of exchanging goods and services to the benefit of both parties thrives today. As a vacation property owner, you have a valuable commodity to trade - vacation property accommodations.

Get more value, fun and excitement from your investment by bartering weeks at your property for goods and services you want.

Let's say for example your management company gets you 30 weekly rentals. You and your family use the property for three weeks during the year. That leaves 19 weeks.

You can let those 19 weeks sit idle, or, you can do some work to rent or trade them. In my two books, I have outlined many tips and tactics for owners to self-generate more rentals - above and beyond what your rental manager gets for you. Trading for goods and services is another outstanding strategy to maximize your property investment.

A few bartering ideas and let's focus first on services:

1. Dance Lessons - You and your partner would like to learn some new dance moves. Find an instructor to give you a series of private lessons. Rather than pay for the lessons, you trade a vacation week at your resort.

2. Horse Back Riding or Riding Lessons - Head up, heels down! Find a horse owner willing to trade you a series of trail riding sessions or horse back lessons for a week at your vacation property.

3. Massage Therapy - Find a massage therapist willing to trade a series of relaxing and invigorating massages for a week at your property

4. Legal Services - An attorney might trade his or her services to draft or revise your will in exchange for vacation accommodations.

5. Golf Lessons - Find a golf professional willing to trade for a series of lessons.

6. A Dining Credit at Your Favorite Restaurant - Running a restaurant is a tough business. The owner might welcome some time away at your property in exchange for a credit for fine dining at his or her establishment.

7. Personal Trainer - Need to shed a few pounds and get into better shape? Find a personal trainer to help achieve your fitness goals.

8. Website - You need a website to showcase your new vacation property and to help generate rentals. Find a website designer willing to develop your site in exchange for a weeks vacation.

9. Accounting Services - Pay your accountant for advice, counsel, and your annual tax return preparation with a vacation at your property.

10. Lawn Service - The owner of a lawn service may edge and mow your lawn for four months in exchange for a week.

The key is to exchange services in the amount that equals the value of your weekly rental. If a private dance lesson has a value of $100 for one hour, then you want to trade a series of 15 lessons for your $1500 weekly rental.

Now, that we have touched on services, let's noodle some ideas for trading for goods. For trading ideas, check out the classified ads in your newspaper.

11. A New Pet - Fido, your family dog, unexpectedly departed this earth for the great fire hydrant in the sky. Your family needs a new pet. In today's classified section, an owner is selling Chinese Sharpies for $1500. Call and suggest you take the pick of the litter in exchange for a week at your vacation property.

12. Another New Pet - This is an actual classified ad. MACAW - Blue & gold, 4 year old, named "Yogie". Hand tamed, multiple vocabulary, including Cage $1500. Perhaps the owner will trade his bird for a week's vacation.

13. Tractor - John Deere L110 Riding Lawn Mower Under Warranty Less Than 2 Years. Old -- $1500. You ride the mower and the former owner can ride to your vacation property.

14. Pool Table - Gorgeous 8' carved legs, Italian 1" slate. New, still in crate. Sell $1500.

15. Golf Cart - EZ-Go, 6 new batteries, new windshield, new canvas enclosure, new charger, $1500.

Arranging a trade is a Win! Win! situation for you and for the recipient of a wonderful vacation at your property.

About the Author -- Chris Cain writes the VROA newsletter on the 2nd Monday of each Month. He is the author of "Maximize Your Resort Property Investment" (1984), "Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream" (1998), and dozens of articles on vacation property. He is a nationally-known speaker on the topic and he sells vacation property in Orlando, FL. Chris bases his writings and counseling on his 16 year ownership experience of a seaside villa at Kiawah Island, SC. "Road Map to Your Vacation Property Dream," is available for $9.95 plus $4 S&H when ordered direct by calling toll-free 1-888-822-6657. Contact Chris Cain at vacvalue@aol.comvacvalue@aol.com. Or visit his website at (VacationPropertyOwners.com)VacationPropertyOwners.com.

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Thanks for the "Art of Getting your email read" news letter. We have a cute little beach house in Hawaii (Hanalei Bay) we rent exclusively over the internet. I currently use most of the suggestions in your letter. I get a lot of bookings from the emails I send. I had not thought of putting the person's name in the email subject line. If you learn only one useful thing from what you read it was worth your time. Your letters are worth my time.

Mahalo (thank you),

- Suzanne Kobayashi


Even I have to remind myself everyday to use the email tips. But they do work. Hey, we own some homes on the Sunny south side of Kauai. I'll zoom up to the Northshore sometime and take a peek at your place. The photos are wonderful. There may not be any place as nice as Hanalei. I guess Puff the Magic Dragon was on to something!

- Wm. May


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Author: Christopher S. Cain, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0055 – 01/17/05

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