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At Last - Property Insurance Designed for Vacation Rental Homes

By William May
Published: 01/10/05 Topics: Comments: 0

Like it or not, offering a home for short-term rental means you are in business, offering a very expensive asset to guests and their families. While your rentals may be booming, your rental income may be disproportionately low compared to the value of the real estate you allow guests to use.

So, you may be surprised to learn that the kind of every-day "Property & Casualty" insurance on your primary insurance is not designed for rentals and is usually not adequate to protect you and your property. Many owners who presume they are covered may, in fact, be taking a very unpredictable risk with their insurance.

What this implies is "claims" filed by guests or incidents caused by guests may be disallowed by your current insurance carrier. They may cancel your coverage with little warning if they learn you accept guests, or if there is ever a claim. This could leave you holding the bag for thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


After hearing horror stories from owners all around the U.S. in particular, VROA staff began an exhaustive search for more specific property insurance that would meet all the insurance needs vacation home owners require. Insurance industry experts, specialized agents and coverage consults were sought out, with the ultimate goal of finding a carrier who would understand and appreciate this unique market; someone who would be anxious to work with conscientious and diligent rental owners.

It is with great pleasure that VROA introduces a first for the industry - the VROA VACATION PROPERTY INSURANCE - a comprehensive property & liability insurance program just for homes that are used as short-term vacation rentals. It's new, it's specific and it's what every homeowner should want to protect their valuable vacation rental home and shield themselves from liability.

The new program can be used by those who book their homes year round or those who only book a few days or weeks per year. And best of all, the premium cost is only slightly higher than for that non-rental property insurance that isn't sufficient for rental homes. Owners get great coverage, a reasonable price and peace of mind knowing they are properly covered.


The VROA Insurance program is administered by Cascade Risk Placement - One of the most experienced, fastest growing brokers and providers of risk management services in the insurance industry. Cascade risk offers these services through carriers they know and trust, and was established to focus on the insurance and risk management challenges facing the real estate industry. It is their goal is to bring real world solutions to property owners.

Although we spoke to insurance experts all over the country, we were lucky to find Cascade Risk, right in our own backyard. We have been working closely with them to define and arrange this important insurance coverage. Together we focused in our industry and are now ready to give vacation rental owners the coverage they have been missing.


Securing this extra special insurance coverage for your vacation rental home is an easy process for VROA members. All you have to do is click here (vroa.org)vroa.org/Insurance/intro.asp to read about the program. You can even download the application by clicking on the link on that page. Or, you can call Cindy Weber at Cascade at 425-452-1115 extension 12 Cindy_Weber@CascadeRisk.comCindy_Weber@CascadeRisk.com and ask for the VROA insurance program. Or click here to visit their website. (CascadeRisk.com)CascadeRisk.com.

P.S. Even if you think you are now properly covered, you are urged to take a second look. Many - maybe even most - vacation home owners are simply not covered properly for the risks that renting presents. No one should take a risk that could cause them to lose their home or impact their personal finances. All owners are urged to call Cascade Risk today.


Because the Insurance Program is new we seek feedback from owners who purchase the plan. VROA does not provide coverage and can not guarantee the sufficiency of coverage from any carrier. Instead, VROA recommends Cascade Risk to owners of private vacation rental homes. Please let us know your experiences impressions of the carrier, agent and coverage.

The VROA Insurance Program is just one of the many projects Association leaders are undertaking for the benefit of Vacation Rental Owners everywhere. Please join and support the industry.



As always, I seek your input. Please share your tips, techniques, compliments and complaints on this or any other subject by writing me at Director@VROA.orgDirector@VROA.org


After spending time last summer in North California's Trinity Alps region I was delighted when Dennis Artus joined VROA. His Artus Ranch home is just 10 miles from Weaverville, a fascinating and authentic mining town and has bicycling, walking and even a barn for your horses. (ArttusRanch.com)ArttusRanch.com Take a look.

(If you want your place considered for Home of the Week, please drop me an e-mail.)


In a recent newsletter you mentioned calling everyone that includes a phone number with their inquiry. Talk about great advice! For everyone out there that has not been doing this... DO IT. Each time a potential guest includes their number we call and it's amazing how often this will translate into a new reservation.

- David White, Rock Creek Cabins. (RockCreekCabins.com)RockCreekCabins.com

Wish I could take credit for that advice. It was actually something I begged, borrowed or stole from some mentor long ago. The phone is still and by far the most powerful sales tool every invented. Cheapest too!

- Wm. May


Read and download the VROA Property Insurance Application please visit this page and look for the link to the download.



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Author: William May – Volunteer, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0054 – 01/10/05

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