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Housekeepers Discover Black Lights

By Deresa Norman
Published: 03/01/12 Topics: Comments: 0

Even if you are the world's best housekeeper you can develop magical powers to check your clean level beyond the limit of human perception. Really.

To test my statement - just clean a property on your hands and knees, inside outside, up and down, until you can't stand up. Then turn off the lights.

Flash Black Light

Before doing so, logon to and search for Black light. There you will find many flashlight style black lights. Order a good one with lots of strength. It will arrive in a few days.

Then go back into that darken room and be prepared for a ghoulish, creepy sight. Flick on the blacklight and it will illuminate every spot and stain that was created by bodily fluids.

The first time you do this allow a lot of time to clean what you didn't know was dirty. Over time the work decreases and you'll have cleaner, bright, more hygienic properties.

"Because black is invisible and most guest's don't carry one, maybe they never know. But we want the very best," said Heather Nelson a long time member of the Vortex Vacation Rental Network ,"Since our staff started using the Black Lights to inspect and clean units I just feel great knowing each property is in tip top shape."

Many everyday materials fluoresce, or glow, when placed under a black light because ultraviolet light is highly energetic. The naked eye can not see this part of the spectrum, which is how 'black lights' got their name.

Fluorescent (Ahem - Bodily Fluids) absorb the ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously. Some energy gets lost in the process, so the emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed radiation, which makes this light visible and causes the material to appear to 'glow'.

Keep a black light on your belt and use after every cleaning. Every person on your cleaning crew should be given a black light and be required to use it. They are cheap.

Hand Held Black Light
Author: Deresa Norman – , Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0216 – 03/01/12

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